Dear Mr. Miyoshi,
I thank you so much for being there when our family really needed you. You did what you said and that is why we are grateful and relieved that our parent’s estate is settled as they would have wished it. – R.T

Much obliged for all your help. We don’t care to visit dentists, doctors and lawyers but you made it very easy for us. The family members are very satisfied with their inheritances and even though we hope we don’t need your services again, we will definitely recommend you to others. – F.M.

Mr. Miyoshi,
What a relief!. With all those long documents, we thought our case was going to be very complicated and take a long time but you made it seem so simple and efficient. We are totally satisfied with your help. – P.S.

Dear David,
We moved into our new home and finally got settled down. After our problem with the first attorney, it’s really nice to have a professional that knows his stuff. Hope everything is fine with you. Sincerely, K.N

Dear Attorney Miyoshi,
You really worked hard on our case and we are thankful for helping us resolve the case to everybody’s satisfaction.  If and when we need legal help again we definitely will contact you. – J.K.

Mr. Miyoshi,
You cared for us and that is what counts. You solved our legal problem while giving us confidence that things would work out. You were right about our situation. We owe  a lot to you. With much gratitude. – S.F.

Domo Arigatou gozaimasu. You do a very good job.  You take away our worries and protect everything we have. All of us say Thank You Very Much. – K.S.

Dearest David,
I will always be indebted to you for your timely professional help. Now, I can get on with my life in peace. I can never thank you enough.
In gratitude – B.T.